Master the Prefix; advanced English vocabulary


  • Are you fed up of always using the same words when you speak in English?
  • Do you want to be more proficient and sound more like a native speaker of English?

Using PREFIXES is an effective and easy way of adding more words to your vocabulary knowledge. 

Once you finish this lesson, you’ll most definitely be a prefix master! đź‡¬đź‡§

In the advanced English lesson you get:

  • 8 interactive tasks, including a speaking task
  • A downloadable word list
  • ESTIMATED TIME OF COMPLETION: 30-60 mins depending on pace and level

Who is this lesson for?

LEVEL: You should have a strong upper intermediate or advanced level of English (B2 & C1)
PRIMARY SKILLS: You want to develop your advanced English vocabulary
SECONDARY SKILLS: You want to practise your comprehension, writing and speaking skills

Is this lesson good for exam preparation?

This lesson is great for vocabulary acquisition if you are preparing for an English exam such as IELTS, B2 First and C1 advanced (formerly First Certificate and CAE from Cambridge English Exams)

How will this lesson help you?

Our lessons are effective because they give you REAL practice using new words! Not just boring passive learning!

Let’s put it this way, if you watch videos about fitness, but don’t actually do the exercises, you are not going to magically get fit and have abs to die for, right? Right! You have to put in the hours at the gym if you want those results.

Learning a language works in exactly the same way. There are hundreds of English teaching videos on the web, and even if they may be useful, they are unlikely to help you learn words. They stop at the input part.

This is where our lessons are unique! There are three steps to learning something by heart: input, practice, activate.

In other words, learn, exercise, use. And this is what our lessons help you do.

  • You’ll start with the lesson (this is the input phase)
  • Next you’ll do the interactive quizzes in the lesson. Some of these will be passive and some will be active (practice & activate stage)
  • Finally, you’ll have a final task to complete (this is the final activation stage) by which point you will have started to learn these new words by heart.

Lifetime access

You can revisit the lesson at any time, constantly training your brain to learn and retain new vocabulary.

Pretty awesome, right? Let’s get going!


The quizzes work best with Google Chrome and you will need a microphone for the speaking task.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • 12 Tasks