Get to grips with the differences between British & American English

Take your English up a level by coming to grips* with the fundamental differences between British & American English!

ps. *get/come to grips with = to overcome any difficulties presented by something / to acquire complete knowledge or skill in something

About this module

This course will help you understand the fundamental differences between American and British English and as a consequence help you understand better and acquire new vocabulary.

We’re going to reflect on our own experiences & do a lot of comprehension practice (for both Br and US English). We’ll also learn how to improve our receptive listening skills.

We’ll then read an article together full of native-level rich vocabulary.

We end the module with a vocabulary builder.

What you will learn

– Main differences between British and American English (lexical, phonetic, grammar and spelling)
– How being aware of these differences can improve your comprehension
– Self study method: receptive listening
– New vocabulary from comprehension boost and article

What is the activation project?

I hope you’re ready for a challenge! You’ll have three tasks this month: a reading and speaking task, and two comprehension tasks (one British English and one American English).

Is there a certificate?

Yes! At the end of the course you will find a short progress test. To earn your certificate you must pass the test with a score of 60% or higher.

How long do you have access to this course?

When you purchase this course as a single course you will have lifetime access to it.

This course is also included in Road to English Proficiency. The access period will depend on your plan.

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
  • 18 Tasks
  • 1 Quiz