Advanced English Club Monthly Membership

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12,00 / month

For high-level English speakers who don’t want to do a traditional English course

Included in your membership:

  • monthly media release
  • monthly group live session led by Kerin
  • self-study writing and vocabulary exercises with personalised feedback from Kerin
 €12 per month. Cancel anytime




Advanced English Club is a brand new membership for high-level English speakers who want to brush up and maintain their English without doing a boring English course!

The membership is structured to help you bring English back into your routine in an easy and stimulating way by giving you regular short tasks every month – without overwhelm or stress.

Suitable for you if you:

  • have a high-level of English (B2+, C1 or C2)
  • want to brush up, maintain and refine your English
  • want to expand your vocabulary
  • want an easy and enjoyable way to bring English back into your life and routine
  • don’t want to do a traditional English course

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5 reviews for Advanced English Club Monthly Membership

  1. Sara

    Advanced English Club is a fantastic and fun way to give your English a boost! A fantastic way to practice and develop your English with fellow students with similar level, under the supervision and guidance of the excellent teacher Mrs. Kerin Goodall. Every month we get a reading assignment that we then discuss during a zoom session, reviewing both the topic and the vocabulary and engaging in conversation. It is always fun and interesting!

  2. Carla

    English Club with Kerin is great! I learn high level vocabulary, improve my speaking skills and have fun! All in one class! I highly recommend EDA!

  3. Ana

    I LOVE English Club! It is totally unique and really the only course I’ve found that is aimed at my level and pushes me to learn new vocabulary. I’m from Spain, but I live in Ireland, so I don’t really need to do a “proper” English course – this is just perfect. Interesting videos and articles to read on my own, a once-a-month meeting with people from all over the world, and then practise on our own. Kerin gives me feedback on what I write too. The BEST!

  4. Patrizia

    English Club has been a positive surprise! I was looking for a website, that could help me improve my linguistic level and I can state, our online meetings are always focused on very interesting and updated topics. Moreover, Kerin organises and offers a wide range of exercises and related material so that we can prepare within one month the necessary tools to take part to live conversations.I find this method very effective and not tiring or boring at all.

  5. Tuya

    I am so glad that i made a decision to join English Digital Academy’s monthly class. We usually learn challenging vocabulary from newspapers, podcasts and articles that you can’t easily find in books. I like how Kerin helps us to memorize them with ease and her way of explaining vocabulary is an expert method.

    Every month, i get excited when i check what Kerin prepared for us this time. Because every month’s topic is different and it can cover politics, business, celebrity’s life story, travel etc, For me its not only learning and improving my vocabulary as well as i’m obtaining variety of knowledge in different areas.

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