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  • How I suddenly care about fashion

    Posted by Victor Augusto on January 8, 2021 at 1:38 pm

    – Me: Hey Bruv, you don’t know what happened in the last day of the year.<div><div><div>

    Friend: What pal? Did someone throw some fireworks in your window?

    Me: HAHAHA, nope.

    Friend: What then?

    Me: I just suddenly care about fashion.

    Friend: Ok, let me grab my grub before listen to you.

    – Friend: Damn, this burger is the dog’s bollocks! Ok, you can proceed.</div>

    – Me: So, my day started by going shopping to look for stuff on sale, I was with some pretty basic outfit: shoes a bit dirty, jeans a bit large, an OK-ish t-shirt and an old coat on top. Not impressive, not bad, just average.

    – Friend: Knowing you, I bet it was pretty basic.

    – Me: Yeah mate, shut up.

    – Friend: HAHAHA, I’m just taking the piss out of you, go on.

    – Me: So, I started to pay attention to everyone around me in the city centre and noticed one thing: some people, like 1% or less, are really pleasant visually, and it’s not because they’re using expensive clothes, it is just because all the outfit matches, obviously more expensive items probably have more quality and stand out more, but they don’t work if used wrongly.

    – Friend: Sounds like it, interesting, then what?

    – Me: Then I started to look on outfits and men fashion tips in my phone, you know, to get some ideas, colour matching, jeans size, trending clothes, etc. I set up a plan, from bottom to top, to which clothes I’d buy, and most importantly, which colours they’d be. At first I went to this store called Amazing Store, they had good stuff but not the shoes I was looking for. Keep this store name in your mind, it was some fancy one, and the attendants basically didn’t give me that much of fucks when I was there.

    – Friend: Wait, why are you telling me this?

    – Me: You’ll know when I’m finished.

    – Friend: Bloody story! All right!

    – Me: So, I continued to look for my pieces, and after 4h I finally found my boots! I was jammy that it was the last one and it was my size, it was like it was waiting for me, I just had this “bagsy that!” moment, you know?

    – Friend: Yeah, I know how it goes… Wait, so you took 4h to find some pair of boots? Are you joking me?

    – Me: Yeah, a lesson I learned this day is that I have to be picky about my selection, I really need to love what I’m buying, so for this to work I have to really look around and be patience.

    – Friend: What a load of bollocks… All right.

    – Me: I went to the same shop I bought my jeans, and bought the same jeans because they’re really high quality, but this time the size fitted me.

    – Friend: That sounds like a waste.

    – Me: It can sound like a waste, but the visual difference the fit jeans gave me was brutal, and I felt very happy when I looked into the mirror and my bottom didn’t look like a sack of potatoes.

    – Friend: HAHAHAHA, I was a bit gutted about your possible waste, but now I can feel it had some impact.

    – Me: I betcha it had. So, at this point it was already a bit late, I drunk a cuppa and went for shopping again. After taking a look around I got a new t-shirt, and a coat… Wait, I just realised I forgot to tell you something.

    – Friend: What?

    – Me: Every time I’d buy an item, I’d go straight to the bathroom if needed, take of the labels and dress it.

    – Friend: Well, at least you had a chance to be properly dressed before the new lockdown.

    – Me: Yeah, any road, it was the end of the day and I was properly dressed, with a really nice outfit that works. I wanted to go back to the Amazing Store, just to take another look around, unfortunately I didn’t find anything I wanted to buy, but.

    – Friend: But what?

    – Me: The first time I went there, people were indifferent, they hadn’t notice me. But at this time, they gave me proper attention, there was even a woman staring at me, when I was leaving she gave me a ”Happy New Year” with a smile, she was flirting with me. I was shocked by that difference.

    – Friend: Wow, that outfit really paid well huh?

    – Me: Yes, as a plus, I took a cab to go back home, the driver was a really cool French guy, and he told me that my outfit was really standing out and that it worked. He was into fashion and we talked about shops, local style, and so on. It was a really pleasant conversation.

    – Friend: Yes mate, if a French praised your looks, you were probably very well dressed, nice!

    – Me: Yes, I didn’t care about fashion that much before, but since that day, I’ve spent a bit of time looking into outfits and to what is trending. And that’s how I suddenly care about fashion.


    Kerin replied 3 years, 6 months ago 2 Members · 3 Replies
  • 3 Replies
  • Kerin

    January 11, 2021 at 11:00 am

    @victorpereira this is BRILLIANT! Not only is it rather amusing, you’ve got the use of the slang and colloquialism spot on – it really sounds so natural. Well done.

    In blue you’ll find my suggestions to make it more natural sounding. I’d like you to try and correct the parts in red. I’ve sent you a link to the writing code.

    Have a go and then I’ll help with the parts you can’t figure out, ok?

    • Victor Augusto

      January 11, 2021 at 12:45 pm

      Thanks @Kerin


      > Did someone throw some fireworks to your window?

      > Ok, let me grab my grub before so I can listen to you.

      > pleasantly visually

      > wearing expensive clothes

      > dressed wrongly

      > look at outfits

      > on my phone

      > be patient

      > wear it

      > they hadn’t noticed me

      • Kerin

        January 12, 2021 at 10:09 am

        Nice job @victorpereira 👍

        > Did someone throw some fireworks AT or THROUGH your window?

        > Ok, let me grab my grub before so I can listen to you. ✅

        > pleasantly visually ✅

        > wearing expensive clothes ✅

        > dressed wrongly – worn instead of dressed

        > look at outfits ✅

        > on my phone ✅

        > be patient ✅

        > wear it ✅

        > they hadn’t noticed me ✅

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