Learn successful strategies to manage situations when you don’t understand what’s being said

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In this course you’ll learn how to confidently and professionally manage conversation in stressful situations, especially when you don’t understand the English.

Start anytime, study at your own pace. Course with personalised feedback from qualified mother tongue English teacher.

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Great for: business English and general English

Learning style: on demand self-study with personalised teacher feedback

Main skills: speaking and comprehension

English level required: intermediate, upper intermediate & advanced, B1, B2, C1

Duration: 2 to 10 hours depending on pace, effort and level

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6 reviews for Learn successful strategies to manage situations when you don’t understand what’s being said

  1. Roberto

    I have found very helpful the course on the listening. Loads of tip off about how deal with a conversation when you can’t understand all a native speaker is saying.

  2. Irene

    I absolutely loved my experience with EDA!
    I found many interesting and useful contents, and I also could improve my pronunciation listening to the audio on the site.
    I suggest you to attend a course, you will surely find something special for you!

  3. Simona

    Since the very first activity, I realized that this was the most useful and stimulating English course that I’ve ever attended. In this stressful period we are all going through, practising my English with EDA was really pleasant and interesting for me. It works,as it is really well done! It’s like when you are reading a very nice book and while reading it all your troubles disappear..

  4. MI Magognotti

    This course is well organized and with good didactic materials. It offer an effective way to learn by yourself and with the teacher’s feedback.

  5. Chiara Conti

    It was a nice and rewarding experience, I learned some new idioms and strategies to deal with situations where you can’t make head nor tail of what others are saying and it’s all Greek to you! I feel more confident now and would be able to use the tips to improve communication.
    I think the strength of this course was in being task-oriented and customized.

  6. Zeljka

    I find this course very useful and interesting. I like the interactivity the most!
    If you want to improve your English skills and have some free time, EDA courses are a really good choice. You will find good materials with a lot of examples and a helpful teacher.

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