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  • Paolo

    January 3, 2021 at 5:26 pm

    Para 1.

    I went to my <s>friend</s> mate’s house to watch the England game the other day. I walked in and said “<s>How are you </s>You<s> </s>alright?” he gave me a <s>beer</s> pint and I said “<s>thank you </s>ta.” England lost bloody 4-1 to Germany. My <s>friend</s> mate and I were <s>very disappointed</s> gutted. We decided to go for some <s>food </s>grub<s>.</s> The closest pub was selling burgers for <s>£5</s> a fiver. When we got to the pub there were some other <s>friends</s> mates there “<s>How are you </s>You<s> </s>alright?” I asked and they said “Good <s>thank you</s> ta.”

    Para 2.

    The pub was in a <s>slightly dangerous</s> dodgy part of the city but the burgers were <s>really good </s>the bee’s knees. My <s>friend </s>mate John is very lucky, he always wins money on the gambling machine but tonight he put <s>£10</s> a Tenner in the machine and didn’t win. I put £1 in and won <s>£10</s> a Tenner, “you <s>lucky</s> jammy bastard” said John.

    Para 3.

    Then <s>a really attractive</s> fancy woman walked in, I decided to buy her a drink.
    She was <s>really attractive</s> cheeky (or fit) but <s>stupid</s> a few sandwiches out of a picnic. I spent <s>£10</s> a tenner on drinks for her but then
    she got <s>very tired</s> knackered and decided to go home, I didn’t get her phone number and I was gutted <s>very disappointed</s>. Then my mate <s>friend</s> Pete arrived, he is stupid and he was pissed <s>very drunk</s>. We all said “hello Pete, you alright? <s>how are you</s>?”
    John and my other friends started to take the piss out of <s>making funny insults</s> <s>about</s> Pete.

    Para 4.

    Pete didn’t understand because he’s a two sandwiches out of a picnic <s>stupid</s> so he said ta <s>thank you</s>! I didn’t have any more money so I asked Pete if I could borrow a Tenner <s>ten pounds</s>, but he only had a fiver <s>five pounds</s>. I had one more drink and started to feel knackered <s>tired</s>. We went to the kebab shop next door, there were some dodgy <s>dangerous</s> men in there, they started to take the piss out of <s>making funny insults about</s> us and we almost had a fight. We paid for the kebabs and ate them on the way home, they were <s>the best</s> the Dog’s Bollocks.

  • Kerin

    January 4, 2021 at 10:30 am

    Great Job @Paolo 👏

    Watch out for this:

    > word order: England lost bloody 4-1 to Germany > England bloody lost

    > a few sandwiches out of a picnic > a few sandwiches SHORT of a picnic

    • Paolo

      January 5, 2021 at 12:16 pm

      Got it, thanks!

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