Road to English Proficiency

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Road to English Proficiency is an online training programme made of 8 advanced English courses.

It is designed for upper intermediate, advanced and proficient English learners who want to refine and further deepen their English proficiency.

Start anytime, study at your own pace.

Course with personalised feedback from Cambridge certified English teacher Kerin Goodall.





English Proficiency Course Details

Advanced Level:

➤ This programme is suitable for learners with upper intermediate, advanced or proficient levels (B2, C1 & C2)

Not suitable for intermediate or below.

Course Outcomes:

With this programme you will improve your skills to move towards English proficiency.

In particular, you will:

✔️ expand your vocabulary using real, authentic resources

✔️ express yourself spontaneously using sophisticated and rich vocabulary

✔️ improve all your language skills: writing, reading, listening & speaking

✔️ understand real speech patterns and learn pronunciation techniques in fluent speech

✔️ discuss topics beyond your comfort zone

✔️ be able to differentiate the finest shades of meaning even in more complex situations

✔️ learn strategies to improve your understanding of native speakers (mainly British and American)


Value for money

Road to English Proficiency is great value for money because it is made up of 8 courses that represent a complete course programme towards proficiency. All together, the courses are worth €376, so you save almost 40%. 


Who is this course for?

You are that person who LOVES the English language!

You love English: you already have an advanced English level and you are passionate about the English language. You want to keep learning and improving, making your English more refined and sophisticated.

You’re losing your English: you feel like you’re losing your skills. You want to brush up and maintain your level that you worked hard to achieve!

You live abroad: you may be living in an English speaking country and feel it’s time to fine-tune and deepen your English knowledge.

You are a teacher: you are an English language teacher who feels a bit stuck and in need of a boost.


Meet your teacher: Kerin Goodall

Kerin English Teacher

Hi, I’m Kerin, the founder of EDA. When you start Road to English Proficiency, you’ll work closely with me throughout the programme. I’ll guide you, encourage you and support you along the way. I’ll also challenge you to change the vocabulary you’re using and change the way you think about learning English.

Throughout the course I give you relevant feedback, corrections & study methods so that you can take your English from GOOD to GREAT.

Can’t wait to get started!

Is there a certificate?

Yes! At the end of each course you will find a short progress test. To earn your certificate you must pass the test with a score of 60% or higher.

Do I receive feedback and guidance on this course?

Yes! You’ll get feedback from me on your work throughout the course and also on your final assignment in the activation project. To receive feedback you must complete the tasks within 18 months from purchase. Please note, work completed after 18 months will not receive feedback.



Road to English Proficiency includes the following 8 courses:


16 reviews for Road to English Proficiency

  1. Maria Luisa

    I recommend it! This course is well organized and with good didactic materials. It offer an effective way to learn by yourself and with the teacher’s feedback.

  2. Orge

    I am very glad to meet Kerin and EDA. EDA is a powerful, enjoyable and effective online course that I have ever experienced. EDA uses different kinds of approaches and materials which create a desire of studying… Thank you Kerin !!

  3. Adriana Guardia

    An effective experience in learning English
    Can you imagine a digital course where you have a “real humanized experience” of learning? It’s not a course that you simply read contents and do lessons, think alone about your questions, definitely NOT! I recommend because I did a lot of English courses in my life before, and here I really found the best and more personalised support, I met people from different countries, I participate of the new initiatives every week to improve my English skills and the most important for me, in an effective and funny way!

  4. Gaby Bordier

    Very encouraging and motivating
    The course is very varied and instructive and the friendly nature of Kerin helps me to overcome inhibitions and make progress.

  5. Sonia Martino

    The best way to upgrade my English!
    I’ve been attending the EDA courses since last March and I think they are a fantastic innovative and funny way to improve all the aspects of our English, from listening to speaking, from reading to writing.
    With all the advantages of a digital platform (you can study whenever and wherever you want!), you can also get the human relationship thanks to the speaking pals programme and to the constant presence of the nicest and most professional teacher Kerin. Last but not least, I love the proposed topics, organized in very balanced and structured modules. I can say to be chuffed to have met EDA!

  6. Mao Yamaguchi

    English digital academy is a great help…
    English digital academy is a great help for me to brush up my English level. There are numerous well concerned exercises which I feel I want to put them into practice right away!
    In addition, it constitutes not only reading or writing activities but also listening and speaking ones too. What makes the course more interesting is its scale from academic to entertainment in the contents. I have definitely improved my English skill as well as motivated more than before in the language study.
    I am always excited about a coming up task!

  7. Victor Porciún

    Loving it so far! The course is really well structured and the tutors really pay attention on what we’re doing.
    I totally recommend it!

  8. Roberto

    Ottimo corso di inglese per rimanere aggiornato.

  9. Wanda

    A different and REALLY effective English course!
    How lucky I have discovered this English course! I really don’t feel like I am learning in some boring impersonal language app. The EDA’s technique takes me out of my comfort zone, stimulates my intellect, and helps me to improve the knowledge and the use of the language. I’m totally impressed by Kerin’s way of teaching. She literally takes care of each student and constantly encourages them to improve. Thanks, and keep it up!

  10. Mónica Sánchez

    I love this course. It is funny, with interesting contains and a user friendly platform. Despite it is an online course, students are in continuous contact and the teachers solve questions and give feedback very fast. Warm and personal treatment. I also find tricks and advice to push my English forward.

  11. Elena Solodkina

    It was a wonderful experience indeed. The topics were so fascinating, that learning was almost effortless. What I liked most was the teacher’s style of writing and speaking. Usually, advanced courses use a lot of advanced vocabulary that make you sound like a BBC reporter. Instead, Kerin teaches you to use English as naturally as native speakers do, without getting too informal. It was a real pleasure to learn from such an educated, polite, sunny, and good-humoured person. Chatting with her and receiving encouraging feedback kept me motivated throughout the course. I literally wrote down every word after her! Soon I noticed I started to keep up a conversation in English just like in my native tongue, not just stating facts, but expressing emotions, encouragement, making jokes… You know, all those things we do daily with our family and friends.

  12. Chiara

    Excellent courses, never boring, but personalized on engaging and current topics that allow you to deepen and improve your English. Feedback is always fast and punctual and with my teacher Kerin. I felt followed as if I were in attendance. Truly a full immersion where I can follow my own rhythms and where I always find new activities to experience the language both on a written and oral level.

  13. Lucia

    I have found EDA searching for a way to brush off my English and make it more fluent. After 3 weeks, I can state that English Digital Academy is exactly what I needed! It allows you to exercise your skills, letting you organize your study as you prefer (30 min/day or one afternoon a week).
    Once you have completed the tasks, Kerin gives you feedback to correct your errors. She also is really helpful in case you need a tip on how to organize the study. This course is a great investment in yourself!

  14. Xiang Xang

    Kerin is a wonderful teacher. She’s dedicated, patient, and she always goes out of her way to help my English. I will always be grateful for that.
    Kerin’s program is excellent for anyone who wants to take their English from the intermediate to the advanced level. You will learn advanced words and idioms, become aware of the language nuance like a native speaker, and have a lot of fun in learning them. Considering how many English courses nowadays only focus on the beginner level English this program is quite a gem.

  15. Carla

    Having a C2 level of English makes it harder for me to do courses as they usually aim at lower levels. Luckily I came across EDA while trying to find a suitable course for me. I couldn’t be happier!! The courses not only help you to improve the knowledge of the language but each of them is based on a topic, which makes them really interesting. You can do it at your own pace, which is really convenient. Kerin, my teacher, is great and so attentive, always willing to help and answer all my questions. I highly recommend doing this course.

  16. Rubina

    I’m so happy to have found the English course that I’ve been searching for so long! English Digital Academy is exactly what I need; fun and engaging courses, creative and unusual extra activities for all taste, and high competence. Thank you for being there!

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